The driver quality is better with CDS vs other competitors. I also like the administrative staff better than other competitors. CDS takes care of any driver issues quickly. Since using CDS I have overall less stress and always receive great service.

Cindy Perduk, KKW

CDS has always sent us great drivers that are ready for work. I will always recommend CDS to other drivers and companies.

Michelle Rogers, Ryder CVS

CDS takes care of you. They found me a job right away and now I am going to be hired on!

Justin Martin

I was looking for work, and there you were at the Workforce Connection. Thank you CDS for always keeping me busy.

Valencia Bedonie

CDS has been an excellent experience for me. The customer service is awesome and there is always a lot of job opportunities to choose from.

Timothy Pimpo

CDS is a very good company to work for. They are the only company that would help. The staff is outstanding.

Mark McConkey