The snowstorm is over, and the roads have been plowed and salted. Truckers can safely return to the highways and begin to make their deliveries. Or can they?

When snow and ice accumulate on a trailer, there’s the real danger of it flying off and landing on a car, blinding the driver’s vision and setting up the possibility of a serious accident.

Even if that doesn’t happen, some states have laws and others are considering legislation that would require truckers to clean snow from their tractors and trailers before driving. If police officers believe the accumulated snow poses a threat to other drivers, they can pull over the truck driver. Fines are typically between $25 and $75.

The snow should be cleared, but how?

Drivers complain that the trailers they are picking up are often covered in snow when they get there. The drivers are nonetheless responsible for clearing them off.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Most drivers cite the dangers of climbing on to a thirteen-and-a-half-foot high trailer to push off snow and ice. It’s cold, slippery, and often windy up there. Not only that but if the driver is picking up a snow-laden trailer in the middle of nowhere, where does he even get a ladder to climb up there?

Machines could be the answer

The safety of all drivers — passenger vehicles and commercial rigs — is at stake. No trucker wants to see another driver jeopardized by snow or ice lifting from his (or her) trailer, and yet it is unsafe to have these professional drivers slipping around almost fourteen feet from the ground to remove it.

There are now devices and machines available to remove snow from the tractor-trailer roofs so that truckers should never have to get up on top. The Yeti Truck Snow and Ice Remover, one such machine, could be part of the answer to the concerns of truckers and other drivers. Some have already suggested that snow removal devices like this should be installed at rest areas and truck stops.

Who will pay for these machines? Well, that’s still being debated, but whether the money comes from taxing motorists or from the trucking companies, it is the most reliable and safe method of removing snow and ice from a high commercial vehicle.

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