You’re scheduled to meet the Human Resources Director of a trucking firm for an interview. This is not an executive position to which you’re applying, so you reason that it’s not important how you look. Well, that’s faulty reasoning!

The way you dress for a job interview—no matter what industry it happens to be in– is something that requires your careful consideration. When you dress appropriately, you send a clear message to the interviewer that you care enough to take the time to look your best. That’s the best message you can send.

The importance of a first impression

When there are many applicants for one driving position, hiring mangers immediately begin a process of thinning out the candidates. Obviously, you can make a good impression in other ways, but, as the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. And the visual impact that you have on the interviewer comes mostly from the way you are dressed.

For instance, if ten applicants are scheduled for interviews, and all have the necessary experience and clean driving records, how does the hiring manager choose? You guessed it! He first eliminates the guy with the grubby jeans and a muscle shirt. After that (or maybe even before), the young woman in cut-off shorts and a tank top misses the cut.

OK, maybe those are exaggerations, but you get the idea. First impressions do matter.

So, what clothes are appropriate and what should you avoid?

Well, you should avoid the above examples or anything close to them. A suit is not necessary, although certainly not inappropriate, at an interview for a truck driving position or almost anything else in the light industrial sector.

Conversely, anything but a suit would be inappropriate if you’re interviewing for a job on Wall Street or in banking. Other than that, there are no hard and fast rules for how to dress for an interview. Just remember, you never dress down, and if you’re in doubt, err on the side of more formality. Also, keep in mind that simple and classic is safer than complicated and trendy.

Dress for success…and confidence

When you’re well dressed, it gives your confidence a boost, and if you ever could use a large dose of self-confidence, it’s in a job interview. Confidence comes from having self-esteem, and how you’re feeling about yourself is directly related to what you’re wearing. So, dress appropriately and go into your interview brimming with confidence. You’ll be much more likely to do well.

Summing up the advice

  • Wear clothes that are appropriate to the job for which you’re interviewing
  • Make sure your clothes are a bit more formal than expected
  • Go to the interview feeling and looking confident

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