Is Santa A Semi Truck Driver?

Sorry folks, after much personal and professional observation, I apologize to dispel one aspect of the Santa Claus mystique.  You know, the big-bearded, jolly guy with the magical red sleigh, HUGE bag of Christmas presents, 8 reindeer with the Rudolph headlight making countless deliveries around the world in only 1 night, etc..  I’m going to let you in on a BIG secret about the  delivery process.  The around the world deliveries in 1 night is made possible by Santa’s “helpers”.  I’m talking A LOT of helpers!

The staff of CDS knows this to be true because we talk to Santa’s “helpers” every day of the week.  These countless “helpers” are professional truck drivers in box trucks and semi-trucks;  tirelessly, picking up, hauling and making deliveries of every conceivable item all of us need in our daily lives.  Christmas is a special time of the year when drivers transport the special items secured in the backs of their trucks.  Special items that bring smiles to the faces of young and old, especially during this time of the year.

CDL Truck Drivers help put the Merry in Christmas the world over.  It’s Merry Christmas to most of us in the U.S.  To others, to name a few, Christmas may be:

  • Feliz Navidad (Spanish)
  • Joyeux Noel (France & Canada)
  • Zalig Kerstfeest (Dutch)
  • Frohliche Weihnachten! (German)
  • Buon Natale! (Italian)
  • Milad Mubarak (Middle East)
  • Mo’adim Lesimkha (Israel)
  • Merii Kurisumasu (Japan)
  • Happy Christmas (Australia, the Bahamas and New Zealand)
  • Glaedelig Jul (Denmark)
  • Kala Christougenna (Greece)
  • Natanl Mubarak (India)
  • Noheli Nziza (Rwanda)
  • God Jul (Sweden and Norway)
  • Nadolig Llawen (Welsh)
  • Cestitamo Bozic (Yugoslavia)
  • Happy Chanukah (Jewish holiday)

This list is merely the tip of the iceberg, with some of the interesting monikers for Santa Claus such as the following:

  • Christkind (Austria)
  • Befana or Babbo Natale (Italy)
  • Sinterklaas (Belgium)
  • Santa Kurohsu (Japan)
  • Pa Norsk (Norway)
  • Basbouschka (Russia)
  • Kriss Kringle, Christkind and Saint Nicholas (Germany)
  • Old Man Christmas (Finland)
  • Father Christmas (England)
  • Pere Noel or le Petit Noel (France)
  • Kerstman (Netherlands)
  • The Tomte (Sweden)
  • Star Man and Wise Men (Poland)
  • Des Weihnachtsmann (Germany)

No matter the language; Christmas the world over would not be the same without truck drivers delivering goods long in advance of the Christmas season.  Truck drivers have been delivering mail, toys, packages, gifts, electronics, holiday decorations, goodies, etc. for the Christmas season since Santa realized he couldn’t get the job done in 1 night!  Santa’s other helpers, a.k.a. elves, still happily sing in harmony while working in North Pole workshops; but let’s get real.  Commercial truck drivers are the real world Santa’s helpers that get the deliveries made; and not just at Christmas time.

Semi Truck Drivers perform an invaluable service of delivering goods that enable all of us to live, eat work and play.  None of us would be able to celebrate Labor Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day or:

  • Dress up your pet day  – 01/14
  • Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day 01/17
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day – 02/17
  • Hug a GI day – 03/04
  • National Bubba Day – 06/02
  • Ugly Truck Day – it’s a “guy” thing – 07/20
  • Left Hander’s Day 08/13
  • 911 Remembrance – 09/11
  • Curious events day – 10/09
  • Veterans Day 11/11
  • Pearl Harbor Day – 12/07
  • National Bouillabaise Day 12/14
  • CHRISTMAS – 12/25

or any of the other usual, unusual, notable, bizarre or unique holidays many of us celebrate.

Some of us will keep the mystique of the big-bearded jolly guy in the red suit, driving his magical 8 reindeer-powered sleigh with the Rudolph headlight, HUGE bag of toys and gifts.  But let’s give credit where credit is due….. to our professional truck drivers who around the world make deliveries from box trucks or REALLY big 18-wheeler “sleighs” that use diesel horsepower every day of the year.  Your perception of Santa Claus may or may not drive a semi, but his helpers certainly do!

Thank you CDL Truck Drivers, a.k.a. Santa’s “helpers”, for all you do!!!

 The Staff of Contracted Driver Services wishes everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR

 ******PLEASE PRACTICE S.A.F.E. (Stay Alert For Everything)******