Your resume looks professional, and your cover letter is well written. You’re ready to drop them in the mailbox and move on. You think you have done everything possible to apply for that open position.

Ten years ago you would have been right – but not today. Staffing services now have access to more information about candidates than ever before. Your resume and cover letter are still a crucial part of the process. But that’s all they are … just a part of it.

According to ERE Media, about 1000 job seekers will see the average online job posting. One hundred will complete an application, and 75 of them will be screened out. That leaves 25 resumes for the hiring manager. The manager will invite five of those for an interview. Two will get a second interview. One will be chosen for employment. 

Those aren’t favorable odds, unless your application stands out from the crowded field. Here are some things to consider when applying for your dream job.

Social Media Can Make or Break You

Social media is a double-edged sword. It can be used by recruiters to eliminate you as a candidate. Then again, it might show you in a favorable light and set you apart from the other applicants.

What will hiring managers find on your social media sites when they Google your name?

·         Inappropriate photos?

·         Posts about your drug use?

·         Prejudiced comments concerning race, religion or sexual orientation?

·         Gratuitous remarks about a previous employer?

·         Posts that look like they were written by a third-grader?

If so, either change your privacy settings or your content. You need to tell a story to the recruiter who finds you on social media, and that story should be about an intelligent, thoughtful and energetic prospect.

Personal Website: Yes, You Should Have One

With all of the free website builders available today, job seekers have little reason not to add a personal site to their job-hunting arsenal. Nick Macario, CEO of, a personal branding platform, explains why:

“Employers are researching potential candidates online and want to look deeper than someone’s work experience. They want to get to know candidates and not only make sure they take pride in their craft, but also want to see if it’s a cultural fit, which is equally as important in many cases.”

Want to set yourself apart from the crowd? Workfolio, a company that develops applications for professional visibility, reports that over half of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool. Yet, only seven percent of job seekers have their own site!

Your Resume is Not Obsolete

After looking at the modern marvels of social media and personal websites, you may start to think that resumes are now an anachronism. Not so! Resumes continue to be an essential part of your job search. The caveat for resumes is that they must be laid out properly and crisply written. Otherwise, just like social media, they can do as much harm as good.

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