Even the most seasoned professional truck drivers cannot anticipate every incident before getting on the road. There will always be surprises. But any experienced driver will tell you that there are certain items you should bring with you on every trip to be prepared for every unforeseen circumstance.

Some of the items on the following list may not pertain to your type of driving, but many will. You can make your own list of supplies according to your needs once you figure out your routes, road conditions, weather conditions and personal preferences.

Tools and Spare Parts

Think about the cost of a ticket for a burned-out headlight. An extra light and the tools to replace it will come in handy and save you money. A flashlight for checking around your rig at night, under the hood, or in the trailer is indispensable.

Other tools that experienced truckers have learned to include are a hammer, tire gauge, multi-tool, jumper cables, vise grips, and an air hose to use with your glad hand connectors. And don’t forget the electrical and duct tapes, additives to thaw your fuel in winter, and the all-important can of WD40.

Other important spare parts to keep in your vehicle are fuses, light bulbs, and fuel filters.

Cooking and Storing Food

You need to eat when you’re on the road and restaurants are not always convenient, nor are they always healthy. Many truckers are opting to prepare and pack their own food. You can use a compact refrigerator, thermoelectric cooler, or an ice chest to keep your food cold.

Crockpots, 12-volt ovens, and microwaves work well for preparing your meals. And remember your coffee maker! To power these appliances, you’ll need to invest in an inverter.


If you are driving up north in winter, prepare yourself in case you are stranded in a snow storm. Take along a winter coat, thermal underwear, and warm sweaters. Waterproof boots with a few extra pairs of socks are a good idea in any weather.

Work gloves can come in handy, and a reflective vest is a must in case you have to work by the side of the road in the dark.

Portable Toilet and Buckets

You never know when you’ll be stuck in traffic or the closest rest area will be closed for renovations, and a portable toilet can keep you comfortable. Speaking of buckets, keep one around to collect waste water when you wash your hands, brush your teeth, and clean your dishes and utensils.

Some Odds and Ends

Little things do matter on the road. Here are some miscellaneous items that can help in a jam:

  • Bungee cords to keep things from flying around in the cab
  • Glass cleaner and paper towels to keep your windows clean
  • Soap and towels to keep you clean
  • First-aid kit
  • Camera
  • Grooming tools
  • Portable vacuum cleaner
  • Bedding
  • Laptop or tablet

Of course, you won’t be taking everything listed here on your next trip, but it does give you some ideas that are particularly useful when you’re new to the road. Make your list and see if it makes your next road assignment a bit more pleasurable.

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