Every day, thousands of truck drivers log millions of mile on freeways, highways, streets, and roads all over the great USA making stops, deliveries, and taking rest in-between their 14-Hour shifts.

On the road, truckers keep a keen eye out for hazards. Weather, traffic, and road conditions all play a part in the safe movement of goods every day. Along with those hazards comes a responsibility – often as the 1st Responders of major emergency situations.

You’ll often see the alliance of truckers come together; a brotherly bond.

Once, I witnessed a group of trucks assisting the highway patrol in the safe capture of a fleeing motorist. As the car tries to speed up to evade the police, trucks block traffic and slow their speeds until the car is forced to stop with nowhere to go. Not a written part of their job description, but a moral and ethical code which truckers abide.

No medals of honor or certificates of completion necessary. Truckers help others on the road every day. Rarely recognized more than a smile or a handshake from thankful motorists – truckers always do their part to help keep our roads safe.

“Just another reason why I love Truckers.” – Justin Clarke

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