Chances are, you’re already feeling the summer heat. And it’s just getting hotter. Hopefully your AC is running fine, but even so, the summer heat can be dangerous for you and your rig. Be safe this summer, and remember these important hot-weather tips:

  1. Use Sun Protection. Your windows don’t block the sun’s harmful rays, so make sure to use sunscreen, especially if you’re wearing short sleeves. For even better protection, consider a light-weight, long sleeve top.
  2. Protect Your Eyes. Your skin isn’t the only thing the sun can damage. Long drives in the intense summer sun can cause headaches and even impair your vision. Make sure to keep a good pair of sunglasses with you at all times.
  3. Keep Hydrated. Dehydration can be dangerous at any time of the year, but in the summer, coupled with higher temperatures, dehydration can quickly turn into heat stroke. Make sure to pack plenty of water, and try these tips for keeping hydrated.
  4. Be Prepared for Extra Traffic. Most people save up their vacation days until summer so they can enjoy the beautiful weather with their family. That means lots of travelers, lots of traffic, and parents who are easily distracted while behind the wheel. Stay alert, and be prepared for erratic behavior.
  5. Monitor Your Tire Pressure. The extreme heat puts your tires under increased pressure, making blowouts more common than any other time of the year. An under-inflated tire is at an increased risk for blowout, so make sure to check all of your tires before you begin each run.
  6. Watch Out for Work Zones. For most of the country, summer is the busiest time for construction. Be aware of construction zones and follow the posted speed limits. The fines for speeding in work zones can be doubled and even tripled, depending on the state, and with good reason. Don’t put yourself or the workers at risk, and keep your speed down.
  7. Be Ready for Any Kind of Weather. The snowstorms are long behind us, but summer weather can be even more severe. Torrential downpours, tornadoes, hurricanes, dust storms. Pay attention to severe weather warnings, and try to change routes whenever possible. If you do get stuck in something, don’t be afraid to pull off the road—provided you can do so safely.

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