Trucking is no longer a man’s job. More and more, women are taking advantage of the opportunities available right now to start a new career as a professional truck driver. And with the current driver shortages, many trucking companies are actively recruiting women drivers, making this a perfect time to get your Class A CDL license.

Getting started in the trucking industry can be difficult, especially for women, since it has so long been dominated by male drivers. However, you shouldn’t let that stop you from pursuing a rewarding career. Just remember some simple advice for succeeding in your new profession:

Be Confident.

When it comes to trying something new, particularly something where you will be in the minority—trust us, you will—the biggest obstacle you’re going to face isn’t being a woman. It’s getting up the courage to put yourself out there.

Driving a truck is tough work. Joining a team where you’re one of the only women can make it even harder. But the more confidence you show, the more respect you’ll receive. Chances are, you’ll run into the occasional driver who still clings to that men-only mindset. If that happens, don’t get discouraged; just prove him wrong. Women drivers can be just as successful as their male coworkers—and a lot more successful than those guys still living in the past!

Find a Mentor.

You may be in the minority, but you’re not alone. There are plenty of women truckers working today, and all of them have been through exactly what you’re going through right now. If you’re the only woman on your team, or you’re looking for additional resources and support, consider joining an organization like Women in Trucking. They offer career advice, insider tips, and mentoring programs.

Pick the Right School.

There are plenty of options available to train for your CDL exam. Choosing a school that treats women and men with the same level of respect is important. It can also help to find a program with a mix of men and women on their faculty, so you gain the benefit of a women’s perspective and advice before you ever hit the road.

Trucking can be a highly rewarding career choice for you and your family, so believe in yourself and follow you heart. You’ll be glad you did!

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