Every driver you bring onto your team impacts the reputation of your company. It can be tough to turn a qualified driver down, especially when drivers are in short supply. But bringing on the wrong driver, just because he’s a warm body, can negatively affect your business for years to come.

Before you hire an untested rookie, think long and hard about whether or not they’re ready for the job. And, more importantly, whether they will ever be ready. If not, keep looking.

Here are some things you should consider before hiring your next rookie driver:

Could this rookie hurt your company’s reputation?

If your first impression is “delinquent kid who will always be a delinquent,” you probably shouldn’t trust them behind the wheel of your truck. If your company’s reputation suffers, everyone you employ will suffer too. Don’t risk their careers on an unfit rookie.

Now don’t get us wrong, we are all about second chances. Just because someone has made mistakes doesn’t mean they can’t still be a valuable addition to your team and the driving profession. The question you have to ask yourself is whether or not they’re ready to properly represent your team. If you have doubts, keep searching.

Is this rookie ready to handle an 18-wheeler?

Driving a truck is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. Trucks are massive and dangerous, and your client’s rely on you to get their merchandise to them on time, in excellent condition. If this rookie can’t find the wallet chained to his pocket, he doesn’t belong behind the wheel of one of your trucks. Before hiring any new employees, be sure to check their background. What type of jobs have they held? What responsibilities did they have? And how did they handle those responsibilities? Your drivers are on their own most of the time. If they can’t handle that kind of responsibility, they don’t belong there.

Are they professional?

They don’t have to wear three-piece suit, but if they show up to the interview in sandals, they are showing you the respect a good employee shows their boss. If they don’t respect you, there’s a good chance they won’t respect your customers or the people they meet on the road either. Did they show up on time to the interview? Were they polite? Did they treat your assistant well? These things speak volumes of a prospective employee’s professionalism. If they’re lacking, let them go somewhere else.

Trucking is just like any other job. They are good workers, there are bad workers, and there are exceptional workers. When it comes to hiring new drivers, chances are none of them will be exceptional right away. But as long as you avoid the bad ones, there’s hope of getting them there.

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