You know you need to do background checks in order to meet local and federal regulations, but there are plenty of other reasons that your company should be require rigorous background screenings on every employee you hire. Background checks protect your drivers, your company, and everyone else on the road.

Stay Compliant

There are a number of reasons the government wants you to perform background checks, but they all come down to one very important fact. Every time you hire a new driver, you’re putting an unknown person behind the wheel of a massive, potentially deadly machine. If you don’t perform your due diligence, you’re putting that driver and everyone else he or she comes in contact with on the road at serious risk.

Improving the Quality of Your New Hires

Anyone can claim experience on a resume. That doesn’t mean they have that experience. They can also claim skills they may or may not possess. Without a proper background check, you’re just hoping they haven’t learned how to exaggerate or fabricate the truth.

A quick call to past employers and a short chat with references is well worth your time, to ensure you’re getting the new team member you expect. If they list any training or certifications on their application, contact the organizations that issued them. These types of trainings can be highly valuable to your team, but only if they’re legit.

Protect Your Brand

If something comes to light after you’ve hired a new employee, such as a past arrest or drug problem, that’s no longer just on the employee. You hired them, and now that offense is on you. If something should happen on the road, most people won’t remember the name of the driver who had the accident, but they’ll remember the truck they were driving and the company they worked for.

Every time you bring on a new employee, you put your brand on the line. A rigorous application process and thorough background check are the only means you to protect your business’s most important asset.

Reduce Your Turnover

It’s a safe bet no one ever said trucking is easy. That first long haul can be a killer. Some drivers will never be prepared for the toll it can take on their body, their family, and their social life. And it’s not just the long hauls. Driving all night, even if it’s just across the state, can wear on you. The less prepared new drivers are, the more likely they’ll burn out. And anything they’ve kept off of their application could impact their ability to handle the task. A thorough background check can weed out those candidates with a high potential for early burnout, so you can refocus your energies on cultivating and maintaining a seasoned workforce.

For more information about background checks or to start building your team, contact a Contracted Driver Services representative today.