It’s no secret, other drives get on our nerves. Whether you’re a trucker or a casual driver, we’d all be happier if everyone drove like us. But they don’t. They follow their own rules, they make mistakes, and most of the time it seems like they don’t even notice the rest of us are on the road.

We get annoyed for all sorts of reasons, but most truckers find these behaviors most annoying of all:

Last-Minute Merging

Trucks aren’t small. Sneaking in front of a car in the last 100 feet of a merge lane may work just fine. The driver will honk, but he probably has plenty of time to slow down. Your average semi is over 60 feet long. If you try shooting in front of one of us at the last minute, that doesn’t leave much space for us to slow down and make room.

Being a Sidecar

If you’re planning on passing, just do it. If you change your mind, slow down and get behind us. Trucks aren’t exactly aerodynamic, and a big gust of wind can knock our cab into your lane. We’d prefer it if you weren’t there when that happened.

Jumping Ahead at the Light

It’s always tempting to get ahead of someone at the stop light. Especially a truck. We take longer to get started, and you’re probably in a hurry. But sneaking in front of us just as the light turns red is dangerous. We started braking in time to stop before the light, not before your car. We can brake faster if we have to, but don’t risk your life on it.

Inching Up at Intersections

Those white lines at intersections aren’t there as suggestions. They’ve been carefully measured to ensure trucks have plenty of turning radius. If you stop past those lines, we can’t turn.

Breaking After You Pass

We get it, no one likes following a truck. So we expect you to get in front of us. But once you do, resist the urge to slam on your brakes. We take longer to slow down than you do, and seeing you brake right in front of us is nerve-wracking. You may just be slowing a little, but we don’t know that.

Passing on the Right

You know that blind spot on the left side of your car? Guess what, we have one of those too. In fact, we have a whole bunch, and most of them are on our right side. If we’re in the left lane, we probably have a good reason for being there. Wait until we move back to the right lane, and pass us then.

This list could be a lot longer. Some drivers are downright awful! But if you want to avoid annoying a trucker – and keep yourself and them safer – just remember that trucks are massive vehicles. They take longer to slow down. They’re harder to see around. And they need plenty of space. Give us that space, and we’ll be perfectly happy with you. To find your next trucking job, take a look at our job board today.