If you don’t already have veterans on your trucking team, now is the time to consider hiring some. If you do, consider hiring a few more. Over the next few years, hundreds of thousands of active duty veterans are set to enter the civilian workforce, and they could become valuable assets to your team. Here’s why:


In the armed services, one’s situation can change in an instant, and a soldier must be able to respond quickly and appropriately. On the road, truckers face constantly changing road conditions, weather, closures, erratic traffic, and other distractions. The ability to adjust quickly to these changes can make veterans safer and more reliable on the road.


Trucking is long, hard work. Your average driver wouldn’t last a day on the road, let along weeks. But our veterans are trained to maintain focus on a single task for as long as it takes to get the job done. That can mean weeks of intense mental and physical focus, which will pay off during their first long-haul trip.


Maintaining the safety of yourself and your team is critical in a military operation. Soldiers are trained to observer their surroundings, use caution, and respond quickly in an emergency situation. Those skills will keep them safe, compliant, and well aware of their surroundings on the road.


Soldiers are trained to take responsibility for their own actions. A good trucker takes personal responsibility of his or her load and ensures that it is delivered safely and on time. You can’t supervise a trucker on the other side of the country, so putting someone accountable behind the wheel will make your job a lot easier.


Everywhere your truckers drive, they are representing your company. If they drive erratically, your company will get a reputation for hiring bad drivers. If they are rude to dispatchers or act up at truck stops, your company will get a bad reputation. You don’t need truckers who throw on a suit and tie just to take a coffee break, but you want individuals who will be clean, respectful, and make a good impression. Soldiers understand that respect and appearance go hand in hand, and they know what it means to represent something beyond themselves.

So if you’re looking for new drivers, let Contracted Driver Services match you up with some reliable, skilled veterans today.