Until some of us have enough money to retire or lucky enough to win the lottery……we need to work.  So, may as well work at something you enjoy doing.  Right?

Some CDL Truck Drivers enjoy OTR; perhaps you and your OTR team member share many miles, conversations and meals while earning some big OTR $$$.  I’ve met many a “long haul driver” looking to find his or her “Dream CDL Truck Driver Job” just a lot closer to home.  Many of these drivers are winding down their driving careers but know in their hearts they can’t stop some psychological, internal wheels from turning. They are going to continue to drive to make money, just locally.  Many a road warrior has shared their driving experiences with me.  I see the road weary, stare down the road look in these drivers eyes and hear it in their voices.  I see the light of excitement in the faces of the eager “rookie” drivers with fresh CDL license in hand.  These drivers are anxious to hit the road to make some good money while seeing parts of the country they may have only dreamed about.  These rookies understand with enough miles and experience, they can dictate better pay, miles and home time after they “pay their dues”.  We appreciate all truck drivers from the eager rookie to the road-weary road warrior.

At other times, I visit with drivers that have become disillusioned with driving altogether.  They understand with the time and experience they already have behind the wheel of a semi, that changing careers would greatly affect their income.  Some drivers realize they are stuck in a profession that has become professional drudgery, but the money is good.  So they drive on with some companies  that can potentially take advantage of the driver’s situation.  These companies may ask the driver to perform unrealistic and sometimes illegal tasks, putting the driver’s license, career and livelihood in jeopardy.  There are other companies that know their drivers simply by a number and not the driver’s number.  I’m talking about the number assigned to the truck they drive!

There still exists good companies who are very appreciative of their good drivers, treat them like family, share in the family milestones and keep the loyalty of these drivers.  Circumstances in a driver’s life may cause these drivers to leave the comfort of the good companies.  But these drivers know they would be welcomed back and often times do return to where they are most appreciated and treated like family.  Not surprisingly, these drivers refer or bring another good driver or two back with them.

As a Recruiter, I find it very fulfilling to help drivers find their “DREAM JOB”.  These jobs help drivers fulfill promises made to their families to be home to participate in family milestones and celebrations.  Although, most local CDL truck driver jobs are not as lucrative as OTR……..most of the time, it’s not about the money!  More and more drivers realize that family comes first.  This makes the local driving jobs offered through staffing firms much sought after by seasoned drivers and new drivers.  The seasoned drivers have made lots of money driving OTR and feel they deserve to stay close to home now.  With their many miles behind them sometimes they are given priority to these local jobs when compared to the inexperienced new drivers that don’t have the required minimum time and experience behind the wheel required by most customers.

Transportation staffing firms fill a unique niche in the transportation industry by offering flexibility to customers and drivers in a variety of circumstances.  This flexibility helps customers cover the seasonal increases in driver needs, covers on-staff driver absences for vacations, sick or emergency time off, the company experiences demographic changes where they need to add drivers prior to hiring or any other circumstance where the company’s driver numbers are down.

CDL Truck Driver Staffing Firms offer the flexibility for drivers to drive for different companies to decide which job works best for them. i.e., “DREAM JOB”.  Perhaps these drivers have another non-CDL job and still want some CDL work to keep their license current.  Some drivers sign-on with staffing firms to  make some extra money, or to drive in a semi-retired capacity because they are not quite ready to surrender their Class A or Class B for a Class C or D license.  Other drivers maybe have their eye on a lucrative OTR opportunity but the company has not worked out the logistics of the route, truck, team member, etc..  Many drivers relocate and need a quick driving job to earn money while they and their families acclimate to the new surroundings.  Still other drivers enjoy the flexibility and variety the staffing firms offer them.  Some of these drivers like to drive for a particular customer and often times are hired, through the staffing firm, for that particular customer.   All of these drivers still need to work to earn money.  So who are you gonna apply with?  A CDL truck driver staffing firm!!!

So, “…to work to work – it’s off to work we go…” – may as well head off to a job where you’re appreciated and you enjoy the work –  which makes it your DREAM JOB!