It looks like spring. It kind of feels like spring. According to the calendar, it is spring. But don’t let that fool you. Winter can creep back in at a moment’s notice, and these are the times accidents are most likely to occur. Practice these late winter/early spring driving tips to stay safe on the roads in this unpredictable weather.

Expect Ice

Spring showers can quickly turn into deadly ice when the weather changes. If the roadways are black, anticipate that it may be slippery and adjust your speed accordingly. Even if the rain is still coming down, don’t count ice out, especially if your route takes you near water or over bridges. Wet, icy roads can make it hard to gain traction, so avoid slamming on your breaks or hitting the gas too hard.

Give Yourself Extra Time

Beautiful days can quickly turn into blustery afternoons or even full-fledged blizzards. Plan ahead and make sure you’re not rushing to make up time during or after a storm. And don’t think it’s just snow that will slow you down. Spring showers can just as easily turn into torrential downpours, forcing you and other drivers to slow down or pull over.

Get Your Wipers Checked

The winter takes its toll on your wiper blades. In fluffy snow, you might not notice the wear and tear, but when heavy rain hits, a worn out wiper blade could impair your visibility. Add potentially freezing conditions to that, and things can turn dangerous.

Anticipate That Others Will Overreact

No matter how often people face a new spring, each year drivers act like they’ve never seen rain before. A few sprinkles and suddenly their pulling over on the side of the interstate or slowing down to barely a crawl—in both lanes.

And if we do get hit by a big snowstorm, expect drivers to go crazy. A few weeks without snow is enough to make most drivers forget what that white stuff is; with the mild winter we’ve just had, any degree of snow is bound to send most people into full-fledged driving panic. Expect slow drivers, jerky reactions, and that guy who’s convinced his truck can speed through anything, until he winds up in the ditch. Don’t be that guy.

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