Truck drivers have a stressful gig: Long hours alone on the road, dealing with road conditions, and meeting tight deadlines can eventually affect you physically and emotionally. Meditation is a practice in which you focus on quiet breathing to clear your mind. It is a free, but effective way to help promote relaxation and reduce stress. Learn more about how truck drivers can benefit from meditation and how to practice it.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Sharpens Focus

Stress can clutter your thoughts and take your attention away from concentrating on the road. Meditation is intended to train your mind into disregarding outside thoughts and focusing on one thing at a time. This ability can translate to being able to stay focused when you’re driving.

  • Reduces Anxiety

There are many factors that can cause anxiety for truck drivers: Being solo for long stretches of time, worrying about making a delivery on time, or driving in bad weather. By taking the time to meditate, you may be able to relax and gain some perspective to keep it from being overwhelming.

  • Improves Overall Health

Being stressed can cause symptoms, such as fatigue, chest pains, and even depression. It may also make you unable to sleep properly and lack the motivation to eat healthy and exercise. Since meditation can help you learn how to disconnect, you may eventually have new enthusiasm for making healthier choices.

How to Meditate:

  • Create a Routine

Build meditation into your schedule, such as at rest stops or before to settle down to go to sleep. This will help you remember to include it and to be consistent.

  • Pick the Ideal Environment

Find a place that is free of distractions, such as loud noises or bright lights, so you can truly relax. Turn your phone off and play calming music and/or light a candle.

  • Just Breathe

Sit down on a comfortable pillow and close your eyes. Focus on breathing in, holding it, and then breathing out. Keep your mind from wandering by mentally repeating a personal mantra (such as a motivational quote). You can meditate for as little as two minutes to as long as you want. There are also audio guided meditation programs if you need assistance getting started.

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