Safety programs are vital to your organization, from your employees’ welfare to meeting federal workplace safety requirements. However, if you don’t have someone in house with the expertise and/or time to implement and monitor safety programs, there’s a solution that may help you accomplish your safety objectives without jeopardizing your other priorities: Outsourcing your safety programs to a third party to administer them. Learn about the benefits of outsourcing your safety programs to a third party like Contracted Driver Services.

  1. Compliance

Federal safety regulations can be complex, and the penalties for not stringently adhering to them can be costly for your business. Rather than worrying if you’re misunderstanding safety policies or constantly working to stay up-to-date on the latest changes, you could outsource it to a third-party workforce solutions company. Their expertise and commitment to compliance helps ensure your business’s safety programs fill all requirements. You will be able to enjoy the peace-of-mind that someone with expertise is keeping your workers safe and your company from liability.

  1. Savings

Although you could hire an employee to specialize in your safety programs, or even add the responsibility to a current employee, it may actually be more cost-effective to outsource the process. By working with a third party to handle your safety programs, you simply pay the agreed upon rate. Conversely, there are numerous additional costs that accompany having extra employees, such as benefits and administrative tasks that may far outweigh the cost of outsourcing.

  1. Time

Your time is extremely valuable, but if it’s in limited supply due to competing priorities, then trying to tackle in-house safety programs on your own may not be the best use of it. By outsourcing your safety programs, you free up time to be spent on more important priorities to your company’s bottom line, such as revenue generation, growing your business, or recruiting top talent.

Outsource your safety programs to Contracted Driver Services. As a specialized staffing firm for transportation and supply chain industries since 2001, we have worked for over 500 clients nationwide to help reduce administrative costs, including safety programs. Learn more about the services CDS provides employers.