There are the typical changes:

·         change of clothes

·         make change during cash transactions

·         change of traffic signals

·         change gears

Frustrating changes:

·         change a flat tire

·         change furniture in a room

·         change a light bulb


·         change of address

·         change of work duties/employers

·         change in marital status

·         seasonal work changes

There are the expected seasonal changes; spring to summer to fall to winter.  Closer to home are the seasonal transportation industry changes.  There are times when Transportation Staffing Recruiters have a difficult time finding enough qualified CDL truck drivers to fill Customer’s orders, especially before major holidays. During other times Customer orders lessens causing a surplus of CDL drivers looking for any available work.  This usually occurs immediately after major holidays.  The intervals between major holidays doesn’t have the extreme increases and decreases usually associated with pre and post-holiday fluctuations.

Suffice it to say, we are currently in a period where there are a lot of CDL truck drivers looking for work.  In addition to the post-holiday season slowdown, the recent rainy weather in Phoenix has caused the ground to be too wet causing yet more CDL drivers to sit idle.  Some of the latter drivers are just now going back to work now that the ground has dried.  But, that still leaves a surplus of drivers still looking for work until, historically, the early part of February.

We all do our best to prepare for these industry changes and we learn to anticipate the increases and decreases driven by customer demand.  Sometimes, these decreases are more prolonged or greater than expected.  We respond accordingly to keep as many drivers as busy as possible, per lessened customer demand.  No one in the transportation industry is immune to the peaks and valleys of demand vs. supply.

CDL Truck Drivers and driver staffing agencies enjoy the increases in customer demand, except perhaps transportation staffing recruiters.  These are the times when recruiters are the most challenged in attracting a sufficient number of drivers to fill ever increasing customer orders for qualified and SAFE CDL truck drivers.  Competition is fierce to hire and keep good, SAFE drivers from being lured away by other agencies and companies offering more money, more hours, more home time, sign-in bonuses, etc..

Many drivers are loyal to those CDL truck driver staffing companies that work extra hard to keep drivers working even during the slow times.  Companies that know their drivers by name and where the driver is considered part of the “company family”.   As the industry comes out of the post-holiday season slump, these “company family” drivers realize they will be considered and offered the best positions the staffing agency has to offer.

In conclusion, we all manage to endure the changes and come out of them wiser and better prepared for the next CHANGE……….  ARE YOU READY FOR IT?