Life on the road can be tough for truck drivers. Long stretches of time away can make you feel disconnected from family and friends. Having a support system in place can make a career as a truck driver less lonely. Check out these ways to maintain relationships and make it through those stretches of solitude:

  • Stick to a Communication Schedule

Maintain a connection with your friends and family by prioritizing regular communication. Create a communication schedule in which you text or call and work it into your driving workload. Share it with your loved ones so they know when to expect to hear from you. This will be something for both parties to look forward to and ensure no one feels out of the loop on the others’ lives.

  • Get Face to Face

Reading texts and hearing the voices of those close to you is certainly a convenient and effective way to stay in touch while you’re out on the road; however, nothing is quite comparable to being able to see each other’s faces. Look into video chatting options, like Skype or FaceTime. Even if you can only arrange to do so periodically, chatting face to face is often the next best thing to being with others in person.

  • Share Your Life on the Road

As you’re driving, take the time to collect mementos from your travels for your friends and family. Take photographs, keep a journal, or buy some souvenirs to take back. The process can help distract you during times of loneliness as well as make your loved ones feel closer to you when you return home since they’ll learn about your life on the road.

  • Have Something to Look Forward To

Make some plans ahead of time to do something you’ll really enjoy when you get home. The anticipation can break up the monotony of being out on the road and make it easier to cope if you start to struggle during times of solitude.

  • Consider More Flexible Assignments

There is a wide variety of trucking jobs available, so if long stretches away from home are not working for you, look at other options. Working with a specialized staffing firm can help you find short-term assignments or other flexible jobs that will get you home more often.

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