Experienced truck drivers are certainly an asset to your company, but focusing only on hiring drivers with years on the road addresses short-term needs at the detriment of your long-term objectives. Hiring beginners requires more effort to start, but can pay off in the future. Learn the importance of hiring beginners and how it will help your company down the road.

  • Increased Need

The American Trucking Associations reports that there’s a driver shortage of approximately 35,000, and it is expected to reach 240,000 by 2020. The need for drivers is dire and only going to get worse if projections are accurate. This will require trucking companies to look well outside the small, experienced pool of drivers and be willing to hire beginners if they want to remain profitable and keep up with business demand.

  • Aging Workforce

In comparison to other industries, truck drivers are generally older. The average driver is 49, while the overall average for the U.S. workforce is 42. The current truck driving workforce will be reaching retirement age sooner than other industries. Hiring beginners will help ensure that you keep your supply of drivers steady and aren’t scrambling to replace a significant chunk of your drivers that leave for retirement roughly around the same time.

  • Commitment

Bringing on new drivers and allowing them to gain their experience with you may likely make them more committed to your company. Giving them their first chances and helping them pave their career paths can make them feel a sense of loyalty, which can then help your company with retention and lower future hiring and replacement costs.

  • Training

The downside with experienced drivers is that they may be set in their ways or so used to other companies’ practices that they are difficult to train. Beginner drivers are more open to learning your company’s particular way of doing things and accepting of feedback and constructive criticism since they are typically self-aware enough to realize there’s a lot they don’t yet know.

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