Sometimes the overwhelming need to get a driver on the road can cause hiring managers to ignore their gut instincts, especially with the truck driver shortage. The temptation to settle for a candidate who perhaps doesn’t meet all of the qualifications or is otherwise not right for the job puts you at high risk for making a bad hire that will cost you time and money. Determine if you should give a candidate who you know isn’t right a chance by taking these steps:

  • Evaluate for Coachability

Sometimes a candidate isn’t right at the moment, but they may have the potential to become the right candidate for you down the road. To determine if a candidate is worth investing in and taking a chance on, determine how well they could be coached. Candidates who are open to training and receiving feedback may even make better choices than those with significant experience who feel their way is right and are stubborn to adapt to your company’s particular ways.

  • Assess the Possible Risks

When you hire out of desperation, these bad choices can come with significant consequences. Think about the worst case scenarios that could occur if you hire a candidate who you know isn’t right. Some may not be so bad (such as requiring more training), while some could be catastrophic (ignoring bad safety records that could result in steep fines for the company). Weigh the risks to determine if the candidate simply isn’t ideal or could negatively affect the company if hired.

  • Look for Short-Term Solutions

There are more options out there than selecting from the only candidates you have in front of you or going without. If you’re having trouble finding candidates with the right qualifications to hire long term, consider looking into short-term solutions. You could hire temporary drivers through a staffing firm to fill in for urgent assignments and allow you more time to recruit, or you could utilize a temp-to-hire format, in which a candidate starts off on a temporary basis with the option for full-time hire if their performance meets your standards.

  • Turn to Hiring Experts

Getting the right driving candidates in the seat requires a targeted plan that, if done in-house, can interfere with your other duties. Get the best of both worlds and delegate the hiring process to an experienced staffing firm. They have the expertise and time to focus solely on finding the best candidates , based on your specific requirements.

Attract drivers that are a better fit so there’s no need to force it. Save yourself the time-consuming hiring process while still getting top talent by turning to Contracted Driver Services. We are a staffing firm that specializes in transportation and supply chain industries and have been working with clients since 2001 to provide them with qualified drivers who are right for their companies. Learn more about the services CDS provides employers.