Happy Thanksgiving to our CDL Truck Drivers

Food for Thought:

Many CDL truck drivers are in the midst of transporting food and “fixins” for the upcoming holiday meals.  Many of you are actually loading and unloading from the docks of warehouses, distributions centers and grocery stores.  We urge you to use the equipment in a SAFE and efficient manner.  If you’re waiting for your truck to be loaded or unloaded, engage in some physical activity to burn calories and to increase your alertness.  Take the time to walk around to check your truck or have a  brisk walk around the immediate area.  Be SAFE and mindful of other truck traffic and loading equipment movement.

We’re all making plans to enjoy the Thanksgiving season in special ways; custom designed when all the meal ingredients are timed just right to enjoy a special time together with our family and friends around the dinner table. After dinner there will be a full roster of football games while sitting in your favorite chair feeling as stuffed as the turkey was just a while ago!  When you believe you can’t eat another morsel….along comes dessert.  Who of us has the willpower to resist the final course after such a fine dinner?  You can’t possibly decline dessert and offend the Chef!   Remember just a few weeks ago, selecting  from an assortment of lovely, plump pumpkins that have since been sliced, diced and baked into a most delectable pie with a healthy (or maybe not so healthy) dollop of cream on top.  After the last morsel of pie, cake, cookie or special dessert has been eaten, you’re way past stuffed and waiting for the football game to start.

This would be the perfect time to…GET OUT OF THE CHAIR, STEP AWAY FROM THE TABLE AND GET MOVING!!!!!

That’s right.  You’ve just given your stomach a lot of extra work to do.  You can help your digestive process by going for a walk.  No jogging on a full stomach though!!!  Grab that jacket or sweater that’s migrated to the back of the closet, invite members of the gathered family/friends to join you.  Don’t forget the family dog, (the dog is probably stuffed from sharing dinner with the rest of the “pack”).  Trust me, when you return from your walk you’ll enjoy that football game much better.  Who knows you may enjoy the walk so much that you’ve missed the kick-off.  Oh well!

Not into football?  How about a board game or family-themed movie or just some family/friend time, no activities needed?  The point is to enjoy time with family and friends; whatever way works for all of you.  Because soon enough, you’ll be back in the truck, perhaps with a supply of turkey sandwiches and that last bit of dessert for lunch, deftly maneuvering your vehicle among frenzied holiday shopping motorists!

Many CDL truck drivers won’t have the opportunity to be with family/friends around the table for Thanksgiving.  You may be OTR or simply can’t get home in time.  Opportunities abound to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with your fellow CDL drivers and motorists at a variety of truck stops, restaurants and diners.  There is a special, unspoken camaraderie among fellow travelers who are away from home during the holiday season.  Kudos to all the establishments that offer seasonal celebrations to our CDL “Road Warriors” and motorists.   When you visit these establishments, I encourage you to take a moment to wish those around you a Happy Thanksgiving and a SAFE journey to their destination.

We all are reminded of the season we’re moving into with its shortened daylight hours, cooler temps and more food opportunities so readily at hand. We’re all tempted to eat more and exercise less.  Heavy meals before driving can cause drowsiness, slower reaction times and an increase in avoidable mishaps, incidents and accidents.   This is a time we must become more aware of the temptations to eat more.  If you simply can’t resist that second helping or dessert, please balance this out with extra physical activities.  If you’re at a truck stop, before getting back in the seat, take a few extra lap(s) around the parking lot at a fairly brisk pace to increase your heart rate, burn more calories and to increase your alertness so you can be as SAFE as possible.

When you pull in at a rest stop; check your load, straps, tarps, tires, chains, mirrors, etc..  While stopped do some jumping jacks, running in place or a brisk walk around.  Many truck drivers speed jump-rope (professional boxers know the benefits of this exercise).  Refresh yourself with some water or revive yourself with a caffeinated drink.  Just a few minutes of strenuous physical activity will increase your heartrate to burn calories and increase your alertness.   When you increase your alertness you drive S.A.F.E.R., (Stay Alert For Everything Relevant).

Over time, you’ll notice when you increase your strenuous activity level regularly, even for short periods several times a day, your metabolism will increase to help you keep those pesky pounds due to seasonal weight gain at bay.  You will also get in the excellent habit of making time for regular strenuous activities.

When we eat sensibly and exercise regularly we can’t help but increase our S.A.F.E.T.Y. (Stay Alert For Every Thing Y’all) factor!

Before I close please be reminded especially during this season of those less fortunate.  When you see the donation boxes, please take a few  moments and a few dollars to purchase much needed items to place in these boxes. You may even have some items at home to donate; blankets, clothes, shoes, etc.. Perhaps keep these items in your vehicle so they are readily available for a donation box during your personal travels/errands.  Can’t find a donation box?  We have a donation box in the lobby of our Goodyear, AZ office.   We’re encouraging everyone to help “stuff” the CDS donation box.  IT’S ALL FOR A GREAT CAUSE TO HELP THE NEEDY!!!

From the Staff of Contracted Driver Services – Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and continue to practice and implement S.A.F.E. (Stay Alert For Everything)!!!