If your trucking company is struggling to find and retain more drivers, you’re not alone: there is an estimated truck driver shortage of about 30,000, according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA). This shortage is projected to grow to 239,000 by 2022. Now is the time to be proactive and focus your efforts on attracting drivers. Here are the top factors that drivers look for in trucking jobs.

  • Pay Packages

There’s no way around it – pay plays a major role in drivers’ decisions to work for particular companies. Fortunately, you don’t have to lose out on top drivers just because your budget doesn’t allow for large salaries. A market value base pay that is part of a comprehensive pay package can make your company more appealing than higher offers elsewhere. You could tie-in pay with driver performance that improves company bottom-line, or you could offer a guaranteed base pay that is more reliable than other company’s higher, but sporadic, wages.

  • Career Options

 As experienced truck drivers retire, the number of younger prospects is not keeping pace. To get the interest of younger drivers to consider a truck driving career, demonstrate the opportunity for growth within your company and its dedication for professional development. Offer regular training for skills development, communicate the career paths of success stories within your company, etc. Give candidates a reason to believe they have a future if they opt to become a driver for you.

  • Work-Life Balance

With regulations limiting the number of hours drivers can be on the road, the days of drivers opting for extended routes and tight deadlines to earn extra cash are in the past. These limitations have made many drivers more interested in home time. Trucking companies that are able to offer their drivers more regularly scheduled home time may spend more capital to do so, but will likely recoup this initial investment with attracting more drivers and experiencing less turnover.

  • Human Aspect

One of the biggest obstacles truck drivers face when trying to attract top drivers is simply bad PR. A common business saying is that workers leave managers, not companies. Unfortunately, many drivers report past instances of companies not having cultures that are respectful of drivers. If you can show that your company values its drivers, you can gain loyalty and commitment from them – even at the expense of a higher wage elsewhere. Assure that candidates receive prompt and personal attention when applying to get them interested in the people behind your company.

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