After completing trucking school, you essentially have a blank slate in which to create your CDL career path. While the common default mindset is that you should get started with a steady, long-term job, there are significant advantages to taking a different route and opting for temporary trucking jobs. As you determine your CDL job search strategy, consider these advantages of temporary trucking jobs: 

  • Builds Your Resume Experience

To be considered for the top trucking jobs, you need to be able to demonstrate a record of safety and productivity. Trucking jobs often have a preferred length of experience as a prerequisite, but taking temporary trucking jobs is a way to gradually build up your time out on the road, especially if you feel stuck in the common problem plaguing new professionals trying to break into any industry: You can’t get a steady job without experience, but you can’t get experience without a steady job.

  • Provides Opportunities to Sharpen Skills

Temporary trucking jobs can give you exposure to different types of duties, companies, routes, freight, equipment, and more. This, in turn, helps you develop a wider array of skills in varying areas instead of being tied down to one opportunity and skill set. Temporary jobs can also ensure your skills remain relevant while you’re searching and in-between more long-term jobs.

  • Gets Your Foot in the Door

While there is a truck driver shortage, transportation companies may wait to extend long-term offers until drivers have proven themselves to be safe, productive, and well-suited for the trucking life. Taking on temporary jobs for a company allows you the chance to build a positive professional reputation and be more likely to be considered down the road.

  • Allows for More Flexibility

It’s difficult to imagine the realities of a trucking career until you’ve experienced the daily workload for yourself. The short term nature of temporary trucking jobs lets you try out jobs without having to commit. You could even try out a variety of temp jobs in different locations or allow yourself time off between jobs to be at home – whatever fits your preferences.

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