Im a temporary truck driver

So, you just signed on with your first temporary truck driver agency – now what? You’ve been looking for trucking jobs on your own, unsuccessfully. You’ve canvased other opportunities only to come up empty handed. Now, struggling to find meaningful employment, you’ve landed in the staffing sandbox. What now? Is this really better than staying on unemployment and waiting until the market conditions change? Can you find full-time employment through agency placement? I think so, and I’ll spend the next 500 words or so telling you why…

Firstly, your decision to apply for a truck driver staffing agency will open doors for your future – but only if you can locate one which specializes in your personal areas of expertise. You’re in the market for a new career as a Commercial Truck Driver? Find one that places drivers. Needing a new career in Heath Care? Reach out to a placement advisor with experience in the Medical Field. Do your research and find an agency or two that specialize in a specific industry. Apply for both and see which of the firms can produce an opportunity to your liking. Make sure to do your homework to narrow your search for firms who can take you to the Promised Land.

Plentiful opportunities exist within most qualified firms, but how do you get your little hands on these hard to find jobs instead of the other candidates in their labor pool? First, you have to be noticed. The placement advisors responsible for selecting candidates should be the first place you start. Talk with them. Share your personal goals. Find out what opportunities others are getting and what the best path should be for you and your future. They will help you, but you have to be vocal first. Don’t get lost in the candidate shuffle, make yourself known.

Be ready! One of the most important pieces to your success at this time is your ability to work, and quickly. Get yourself ready and eliminate all obstacles which could get in your way. When the agency comes calling with a new opportunity, take it. Be prepared. Not every opportunity will be right for your long-term future; but it is imperative that you communicate your availability to the agency and then keep yourself open at all times during your scheduled hours of availability. This way, when they call for a job opportunity, you’ll be ready. Even if your agency doesn’t find you the ‘perfect fit’ on the first time out, you’ll appreciate having had the experience working at places you wouldn’t have normally. This may open your eyes to opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Ask for work. Now, this may seem simple and obvious, but important nonetheless. Your agency needs to hear from you. If you are vocal and ready to build a relationship with the staffers who will help you find work, I’d bet a dollar to donuts that you’ll be more successful in landing those jobs than your counterparts. Communication is key on your part right now. Start calling every day and build a relationship with the staff responsible for locating and assigning workers to assignments.

If everything goes as planned, you’ll be working in no time and feeling satisfied that you went through this process. Don’t consider yourself short for referring to these resources. Rather, think of this situation like you just landed your own personal employment agent, for free. Heck, even Lebron James uses an agent to finalize his employment agreements, why wouldn’t you want some specialty support from a driver staffing agency or CDL recruiter near you.