Volvo Trucks Use CDS Drivers

When you hear the automotive name, Volvo – you think safety. (At least, I do.) Volvo commercials, advertisements, and their performance records all but forced me to hold this belief about their safety performance. As a child, I was enamored by big trucks. I loved watching the train of “Big Rigs” moving down the Arizona highways, day-dreaming about all the toys that I’d see later down the isle of my favorite retail shops. I’d see all sorts of trucks down the road, but I could always spot a Volvo.

When Volvo needed support in the U.S. to provide professional CDL Driver labor to run tests on their new equipment, Volvo turned to Contracted Driver Services (CDS). Since 2004, Volvo Trucks of North America has relied on the professional (and, safe) truck driver staffing services from CDS. We assist their group in securing the most talented CDL Drivers in the nation. Our drivers maneuver some of the most rigorous routes in the Southwest, putting Volvo trucks to the ultimate tests for temperature, elevation climbs, and in some of the most inclement winter weather conditions you could imagine.

Over time, I’ve personally met some of the most influential members of the Volvo team, including the engineers who innovate and learn how best to make the safest heavy duty trucks on the road. Volvo Trucks of North America has continued to stay on the cutting edge of design, truck efficiency, and, most importantly, continue to have the safest truck on the road. Safety isn’t a byproduct of their efforts, either. Safety is intertwined through every new development and decision they make. And, when they wanted the safest drivers to test their equipment, they turned to Contracted Driver Services. A truck that performs better is a safer, more reliable truck on the road. The safest drivers deserve the best.

Our team continues to provide professional drivers to Volvo and many other trucking operations throughout the United States. From temporary labor, long-term support, or contract work – Contracted Driver Services is ready and prepared to provide the best talent our country has to offer. When you need the most professional (and, safe) drivers, we hope you think of CDS first.