truck driver testimonial

  1. What was the reason that you chose CDS Drivers?

I found CDS off of the Internet, for a truck driver job fair they had posted on Craigslist.

2. Tell us what your experience has been with our truck driving staffing services?

My experience so far with CDS has been awesome!  Always courteous with me.  Always professional with me.  I can say it has been one of the best places I have worked at.

3. Why would you recommend CDS Drivers to someone else?

I would recommend CDS to any truck driver because they take care of you here at CDS.  It’s a great company to work for.  They found me a job right away and now that I’m being hired for the company they found me.  I am still going to work with CDS….for all the reasons I said above.

Justin Martin

If you are currently unemployed or looking for a new truck driving opportunity, please call us at (866) 847-6536 or APPLY ONLINE.