Whether you’re looking for your first Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) trucking job or you’re ready to start searching for a new job, your resume is your most important tool to getting noticed by your desired employers. For it to be effective, your CDL resume must consist of the key information that transportation hiring managers are looking for. Prevent your job search journey from stalling – learn how to write a CDL resume that will get you hired and on the road fast with these tips:

  1. Clearly Communicate Your Basic Qualifications

Perhaps it sounds a bit obvious, but ensure that you clearly state your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) information and any special endorsements, as well as applicable training or certification you have received. This is especially important if you’re submitting your resume electronically via an online application. Online applications typically utilize an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a software that automatically filters applications based on predetermined keywords. If you neglect to state your license type (both the full version and abbreviation), you could get rejected by the ATS.

  1. Highlight Your Driving Record

Having a CDL isn’t enough to demonstrate that you’re a good candidate. As with most industries, the hiring managers for truck driving positions want objective, hard facts on your resume – not a bunch of subjective claims that you make about yourself. Rather than writing a CDL resume filled with descriptors like “hardworking” or “conscientious,” focus on your safety record during your time as a driver, including recordable accidents and roadside inspection results.

  1. Show Your Ability to Satisfy Pre-Employment Requirements

Let your resume broadcast the message that you will not be a waste of the hiring manager’s time and consideration by coming across as a qualified and safe candidate, and then not being able to pass the pre-employment screenings. This includes drug testing and medical clearance, as well as having passed the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation exam within the past two years. When writing your CDL resume, be transparent and open about the fact that you won’t have any issues passing the pre-employment requirements.

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