Truck driving is a tough job, and turnover is to be expected – after all, not everyone is cut out for it. When you find qualified, reliable, and hardworking truck drivers, retention should be your top goal. How do you keep them happy? Believe it or not, throwing money at your top drivers isn’t necessarily enough of an incentive to keep them on board. Learn how to increase the job satisfaction and engagement of your truck drivers – even when they’re physically far away and on the road:

  • Foster a Respectful Culture

Even though your drivers aren’t physically present in the company’s everyday work environment, that doesn’t mean that company culture shouldn’t be prioritized. Drivers can have a hard time feeling like an integral part of the organization if they think they aren’t seen as important as the employees who report each day to headquarters. Include your drivers as often as possible in company happenings, whether it’s issuing company updates or simply expressing interest in getting to know them better on a personal level when you are in touch. Ensure other workers do the same and consider the company’s drivers as colleagues.

  • Express Your Appreciation

Your truck drivers work long grueling hours, while being out on the road all alone. It can negatively affect their morale and job satisfaction if they feel unappreciated for all of their effort and sacrifice. Company leaders that invest the small amount of time it takes to simply say “thank you” to the drivers for the value they contribute to the company will be rewarded with happier, more engaged drivers who are self-motivated to be as productive as possible.

  • Hire More Strategically

Unhappiness is often the result of a poor fit between employee and company. Taking the time to target driving candidates for the traits needed to succeed in both the job itself and your particular organization and how it operates, will likely result in extending offers to candidates who: have realistic expectations about the responsibilities and work environment; the ability to do perform safely and effectively; and who have the right attitude and personality to fit in with the company.

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