Truck drivers may have a different work environment than many other professions, but the reasons behind the turnover of top talent mirror those of other industries. While inexperienced truck drivers may be leaving because they simply can’t handle the grind, trucking companies will likely have a great deal of involvement in whether or not their best drivers commit to them or leave for other opportunities. Reduce the turnover of your top drivers and keep them from “hitting the road” without you by focusing on these top motivating factors for truck driving job satisfaction:

  • Quality of Life

One of the top contributors to dissatisfaction in truck driving jobs isn’t the actual work or daily grind – it’s how they feel they are treated overall by others within the company. Companies that have a culture that doesn’t appear to outwardly value or think of their drivers as “part of the group” are likely to eventually lose their top workers. The feeling of not mattering to others within the company or even being seen as “invisible” is disheartening over time. Keep your truckers on board by making an effort to keep them involved and treating them in the same manner as your other in-house workers.

  • Communication

Communication is key in any organization/industry, but this is especially true for truck drivers who are on the road for long stretches of time. Truckers can end up feeling frustrated if lack of communication prevents them from being able to perform their duties to the best of their abilities. Open up the channels of communication by focusing on being transparent and making your expectations as clear and measurable as possible, and ensuring someone is available (or at least a contingency plan is in place) for when unexpected circumstances arise when drivers are out on the road and alone without physical, in-person support.

  • Professional Development

Something to keep in mind when dealing with your top drivers is that the best drivers will likely be ambitious and want to progress upward on their career paths. Companies that get caught up in the shortterm and don’t consider offering additional training or other forms of professional development or promotions risk losing their best drivers who don’t want to get trapped in a dead-end job. Let them know that you support their career goals and aren’t interested in keeping them confined to their exact position just because it’s more convenient for you.

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