Way to go – you did what a lot of people aren’t able to do. You paid your dues and made it through your first year as a CDL driver. Now that you’re no longer a rookie, the truck-driving world is wide open with even better opportunities. But what’s the next step to actually getting those new opportunities? Try out a staffing firm – learn more about how working with a transportation-industry-specific staffing firm can help you utilize the experience under your belt and turn it into bigger and better opportunities.

  • Access to More Opportunities

General online job boards only provide a fraction of the amount of job opportunities that are actually out there. Many employers opt to skip that route (and the vast amount of unqualified applicants these sites may attract) and work directly with staffing firms. By utilizing a staffing firm as a job seeker, you’ll gain access to otherwise unlisted opportunities with top transportation employers. Plus, a staffing firm like CDS has actual career managers who will treat you as a unique individual and match you with opportunities that are the best fit for your goals – instead of being on your own to figure it out!

  • Steady Work

If you go it alone in your CDL career, you may find yourself not being able to quickly find your next gig. Teaming up with a staffing firm can be ideal for transitioning between opportunities – especially if you’re looking  to change locations. For example, CDS has over 500 clients through the US, so the turnaround can be much quicker than trying to go through the application and hiring process yourself each time.

  • Flexible Schedule

The transportation industry isn’t exactly known for its flexibility, but working with a staffing firm like CDS can help you find trucking opportunities that work with your lifestyle. You can opt for finding a full-time position, or if you want to work without the long-term commitment, you can take advantage of temporary assignments.

Contracted Driver Services can be a trusted resource to guide you along your trucking career path. Since 2001, we have been the go-to staffing firm for transportation clients across the nation to provide top industry professionals. If you have the qualifications and integrity, we can connect you with employers that have available opportunities to help you continue to gain trucking experience. Search our current openings to get started with CDS.