2014 was a historic year for the trucking industry – it was the first time that revenues reached over $700 billion, according to figures from American Trucking Trends. Unfortunately, the industry is running out of drivers to put into seats and keep up with the demand, a shortage of 35,000 to 40,000 drivers to be exact. Yikes…but don’t freak out just yet! A staffing firm can be your secret weapon to overcoming the shortage of truck drivers. Here’s why:

  • They Focus on Consistently Building a Candidate Pool

In an ideal world, you’d be out there building relationships with trucking candidates so that when the time was right and you had a position available, you’d have your choice of talent at your fingertips. In the real world, with all of the other responsibilities associated with running a trucking company, there may not be enough time in the day to devote to building a network of candidates before you’re ready to hire. Working with a staffing firm helps prevent top talent from slipping through your fingers, because they actively focus on connecting and maintaining relationships with candidates.

  • They Can Help Prevent Turnover

Getting drivers hired isn’t enough to overcome the trucking shortage if they don’t actually stay. Steer clear of bad hires with a staffing firm. They have the expertise to evaluate candidates and determine if they will best fit your specific needs. And while certainly no one knows your needs better than yourself, it can be time consuming to strategically target candidates on top of your other daily workload. Staffing firms can put your hiring strategy into effect more quickly so you get more reliable and committed candidates that are a better long-term fit.

  • They Can Maintain Productivity with Temporary Employees

Sometimes you don’t have time to think about a long-term strategy to overcome a driver shortage – you just have work that needs to be done ASAP. Staffing firms can help you with your high priority, immediate needs and get you qualified temporary employees behind the wheel, with a quick turnaround. You’ll keep productivity on track until you can find the candidates to join your team permanently.

Combat the truck driver shortage and find reliable drivers for your trucking needs with the help of Contracted Driver Services. Since 2001, we have worked as a specialized staffing firm for transportation and supply chain industries. Our experience and industry expertise ensures that you will get only the most qualified and hardworking transportation professionals. Learn more about the services CDS provides employers.