commercial truck driving tips

Even the most veteran commercial truck driver might laugh at that question. You have to admit, it’s always beneficial to your safety and the safety of others around you to review some of the top safety tips for truck drivers. Below are some of the most useful to review:

  1. Plan Ahead – Take the time to know your entire route like, planned stops, meals, sleep and fuel.
  2. Call Ahead – It’s always important to keep your customers up to date, especially if there are any delays.
  3. Equipment Check – Check your truck, trailer, and load, everything before leaving.
  4. Log Everything – What does the DOT ask for when you’re pulled over? That’s right, your log book. Keep track of everything on your route.
  5. Be Courteous and Professional – You’re a professional, so act like one. This is true in any profession.
  6. Dress Like a Professional – Don’t dress and look like a slob, wear the appropriate clothing and/or safety equipment when working in the field.
  7. Pay Attention to Details – Keep records of all of your deliveries. This is important to show proof of delivery and to get compensated for your work.
  8. Be Honest – Along with accurate paperwork, get into the habit of taking pictures of each load. Also, if something is damaged, take pictures and be honest about it. The cover up is always worse.
  9. Watch the Weather – Pretty self-explanatory. Drive safely for current conditions.
  10. Review the Entire Job before Making a Quick Decision – Don’t always look at pay. Look at work/life balance, pay per mile and quality of the load.

We hope these tips are a good reminder and you can benefit from them. Don’t forget how important your job is as a professional truck driver.