truck driving industry concernsNot too long ago the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) released its Top 10 list of trucking industry concerns.  Go to to read the entire article.

As a national truck driver staffing agency, we continue to work on improving our own driver shortage issues by improving our communication with our staff and locating the right truck driver jobs for our staff.  Driver shortage and retention kind of go hand in hand.  Due to the nature of the economy drivers are leaving positions to pursue other opportunities in higher paying industries that are flourishing right now.  The economy is still slow and will continue to be slow unless our debt gets under control.

What are your concerns?  We would like your input from a driver perspective or has a hiring manager for a transportation company.

If some of these concerns are keeping you up at night, call Contracted Driver Services.  We understand the truck driving industry, safety and government regulations.  CDS offers every customer customized and effective staffing solutions at the lowest possible cost.