truck driver safety driving tipsCommunicate with Other Car and Truck Drivers While on the Road

Communication helps to build safe driving habits.  Safe driving is a two-way street.  It’s just as important for other drivers to be able to see you as it is you seen them.  Accidents on our highways and freeways can be minimized by being aware of other drivers and helping other drivers see you.  The following are simple and safe driving tips we sometimes forget to utilize on a daily basis.

  • Use your horn the right way – Don’t use your horn out of frustration or anger.  That will only make the situation worse and could cause an accident.  Your horn should be used to gain the attention of other drivers.  A simple tap on the horn will work just fine.
  • Headlights – Don’t become flash happy with your headlights.  Headlights should be used most often to warn drivers of an oncoming accident or something in the roadway.
  • Turn Signals – Using turn signals is becoming a lost art.  It’s not that hard so don’t be lazy.  Use your signals when changing lanes or turning.  Not using your signals could cause another driver to rear end your truck.
  • Emergency Signals – Have you ever had a flat tire or engine problems?  If not, it may happen when you least expect it.  Use your emergency signals to notify oncoming traffic that you need some extra space to pull over and park your vehicle.

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