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Are you familiar with the commercial motor vehicle conspicuity regulations for tractors?

If not, both drivers and companies should become familiar with these rules as I have noticed written violations are increasing at an alarming rate because the backs of tractors are not being properly marked with conspicuity tape. To start, you need to read 49CFR Part 393.13 very closely. In Part 393.13 (b) you’ll notice a reference to FMVSS #108 S5.7. This needs to be read and comprehended also. The next thing needed is to understand how law enforcement is interpreting these regulations.

  • Considering all this information and to keep things simple, just consider the back of the cab of a tractor just like the back of a trailer.
  • The back of the cab must be marked with with a white vertical and connecting horizontal piece of retroflective tape on the corners, just like the back of a trailer.
  • The bottom rear of the tractor needs to have retroreflective red and white tape either across the top of the mudflaps, or across the top of the mudflap brackets, or if no mudflaps are present – on a bar or bracket mounted above the top line of the drive tires, or if all those are not present on the back bulkhead of the tractor above the top site line of the drive tires.

To say that “mudflaps are not needed so I don’t have to have that bottom retrorelfective red and white tape present”, is no longer an acceptable excuse. If this sounds confusing, reread the above regulations carefully and you will get it. Doing so will help eliminate unnecessary violations going against your CSA scores!

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